REED Editors

Sarah Carpenter teaches medieval and Renaissance literature at the University of Edinburgh. Her research has focused on early drama and performance, especially in Scotland, and she is currently working on the volume on The Royal Court for the Records of Early Drama: Scotland (RED:S) led by John McGavin. Her publications include Masks and Masking in Medieval and Early Tudor England (2002) with Meg Twycross, articles on many aspects of early English and Scottish performance traditions, and contributions to The Oxford Handbook of Tudor Drama and The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Drama. She is one of the editors of the journal Medieval English Theatre.

The late Jane Cowling was an independent scholar and a Visiting Research Fellow at Southampton University’s Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture. She has co-edited (with Peter Greenfield) the Hampshire records for Records of Early English Drama, and her publications include articles on dramatic, musical and ceremonial activity at Winchester, Winchester College and the Isle of Wight in Research Opportunities in Medieval and Renaissance Drama, Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England and Medieval English Theatre. Her work on Hampshire has received support from the British Academy and a Hartley Fellowship.

Peter Greenfield is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Puget Sound. For REED he has edited Gloucestershire (1986), Hampshire (with Jane Cowling, REED Online, 2020), and is currently part of the team editing the Norwich records. He is a former editor of Research Opportunities in Medieval and Renaissance Drama and has published on late medieval and early modern drama, including contributions to A New History of Early English Drama (1997), A Companion to Renaissance Drama (2002), The Cambridge History of British Theatre (2004), and The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theatre (2009). His work on the Hertfordshire and Hampshire records was supported by a Hartley Fellowship from the Hampshire Record Office, and by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the University of Puget Sound.

Alexandra Johnston is a professor emerita of the Department of English, University of Toronto. She was instrumental in the founding of Records of Early English Drama in 1976 and served as its Director from 1976 to 2011. She continues to serve on its Executive Board. She was co-editor of the first REED edition, York, in 1979 (2 vols.) and is also co-editor of Oxford University and City in 2004 (2 vols). An edition of the records of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire is close to completion. She has published four editions of essays and over eighty articles and book chapters. She has also delivered one hundred and twenty scholarly papers as well as many popular papers and has prepared several modernizations of medieval English plays for acting since 1970.

C. E. (Ted) McGee is Professor Emeritus in the English Department of the University of Waterloo. He regularly taught courses on literature and rebellion, literary criticism, editing literary texts, and Shakespeare, and he continues to teach online courses on Shakespeare’s plays. He received the University’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 2011. A member of the Board of Governors of The Stratford Shakespeare Festival from 1992 to 1999, he remains on its Education and Archives Committee. He has co-edited REED: Dorset, contributed to the Oxford Works of Thomas Middleton, and published articles both on various aspects of early modern theatre and on contemporary productions of Shakespeare’s plays in Canada. He is currently collaborating on the New Variorum Shakespeare Othello and the REED collections for Wiltshire and Yorkshire West Riding.

Alan Somerset is Professor Emeritus of the University of Western Ontario. He has previously edited Shropshire (1994) and Staffordshire (2017) for REED. His edition of the Warwickshire records is in progress. Somerset is co-creator of REED’s Patrons and Performances online database and has published extensively on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama.

Records of Early English Drama Executive Board
John Craig, Simon Fraser University (chair)
James Cummings, Newcastle University
Matthew Davies, University of London
Peter Greenfield, University of Puget Sound
Diane Jakacki, Bucknell University
Alexandra F. Johnston, University of Toronto

Thomas Keymer, University of Toronto
Sally-Beth MacLean, University of Toronto
C.E. McGee, University of St. Jerome’s College
Alan H. Nelson, University of California, Berkeley
Suzanne Westfall, Lafayette College
Paul Whitfield White, Purdue University

The Pre-publication Committee of the board with responsibility for this website: Alexandra Johnston, Alan Nelson, Peter Greenfield.