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The aim of Records of Early English Drama (REED) is to find, transcribe, and publish external evidence of dramatic, ceremonial, and minstrel activity in Great Britain before 1642. For more information about the project as a whole, please see the REED website.

These pre-publication pages make the work of individual REED editors available to scholars and students in draft form, ahead of their official publication by the project. They have not received editorial attention from REED’s staff paleographers and Latinists, nor have the notes and other editorial apparatus been checked for completeness and accuracy.

We thus encourage you to make use of these materials, but with the understanding that they represent the work of the individual editors and are works in progress that will be checked for accuracy and completeness by the REED editorial team before final publication. We also urge you to contact us with comments, suggestions or corrections that the editors may find helpful in preparing the final versions of their work.

Using this Site
The transcribed records and accompanying introductions are pdf files that closely resemble the pages in the printed REED volumes. (Indexing and advanced search capabilities will become available once these collections have received editorial attention from REED and been formally published on the REED Online website.) The collections are organized primarily by location–by county and then by locales within each county–and by date within each location. To browse by location, use the link in the menu at the top of the page. You can also browse by type of record–civic, parish, family, diocesan, etc.–again by using that menu option.

Intellectual Property/Copyright
The original records from which transcribed extracts appear here are the property of the archives, institutions and individuals duly credited throughout the website. The transcriptions, notes, translations and introductory materials found on this website are the intellectual property of the individual field editors until formally published by REED, and should be cited as indicated below.
Creative Commons License
Records of Early English Drama (REED) Pre-Publication Collections is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

How to Cite These Materials
We recommend that you include the phrase “REED Pre-Publication Collections” in any citation of these materials, e.g.:
Johnston, Alexandra F. “Reading St Laurence 1498-1506.” REED Pre-publication Collections. Web. [access date]. [URL optional in MLA style]